Alberto Rodriguez Serrano

Sound and Light Engineer


Alberto Rodriguez Serrano is a Sound and Light Engineer graduated in the University of Granada in 2007. He has extensive experience in live sound and recording studio, with an expertise in flamenco sonorization. In 2008, he founded "La Mota Recording", an independent record label in Granada (Spain). Alberto designed, engineered, and built "La Mota Recording" studio where he has collaborated with multitude of artists such as:

- Pepe Luis Carmona Habichuela
- Ruben Damtas
- Raimundo Amador
- Jorge Pardo
- Aurora Losada
- Dani dominguez
- Joan Masana
- Joaquin Sanchez

La mota recording closes in 2014. The last project recorded in that studio, "La vida llega" by Pepe Luis Carmona Habichuela, won the award as best alternative album by the Union Fonografica Independiente (UFI) in Spain.
In 2016, Alberto founded "Producciones Dauromonte" in collaboration with David heredia "el Marques". Producciones Dauromonte is an alternative record label with a recoding studio located inside a cave in the Sacromonte noighborhood in Granada. In this recording studio Alberto has collaborated with artists such as:

- Solea Morente
- Napoleon Solo
- Kiki Morente
- Montse Cortes
- David heredia "el Marques"
- Jose Maria Pedraza "el Petaca"
- Dan Ben Lior

The purpose of Dauromonte is to help develop the local gypsy community of the Sacromonte neighborhood through the music. Alberto moved to Washington DC in 2016, to find partners in his goal to tour internationally artists from the Sacromonte. Since his arrival in the US, Alberto has collaborated with local artists of the DMV area such as:

- Miguel Perez "Miguelito"
- Ricardo Marlow
- Jose oretea
- Beatriz Arellano
- Alysa Berntein
- Estela Velez
- Torcuato Zamora

In 2021, Alberto becomes a Board member in TorcuArt, a non-profit dedicated to promote flamenco culture in the DMV area. Alberto is the festival director of "Flores Flamencas Festival", which aims to bring Spanish artists to the United States.


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